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Sunday Best – December 19, 2021

Yesterday I was finishing up some errands I’d put off for far too long, and truth be told it was not especially festive in the cold and the rain, the sky already darkening at just 3pm. It seemed I was not the only one who was trudging down the street instead of skipping. Turning the […]

Sunday Best – November 21, 2021

Yesterday I spent the day on fall chores, which I always leave until just a little too late in the season. Digging up the dahlias, dragging the outdoor furniture into the barn, and raking some giant leaf piles made for a satisfying morning, despite the frost. I was clearing a fallen limb by the roadside […]

Sunday Best – October 17, 2021

  Years ago, a dear friend passed away, completely unexpectedly. The pain was sharp and intense, acute.  Weeks and weeks later, on my regular morning commute, a perfectly fine day, someone gently bumped into me on the train and I burst into tears. Time layers into us. The acute slowly fades, but it does not […]

Sunday Best – December 6, 2020

Sometimes I come across a new poem in an old book of favorites and it beams forth, saying, this one, now. I love how this form and language of this blessing from John O’Donohue mirror the essence of  the ideas he’s conveying – heavy at first, then sad, then quiet, and then, at last, lighter. […]

Sunday Best – October 6, 2019

Even though the world is on fire, we are allowed to experience joy.            – ROXANE GAY   I attended a glorious wedding this weekend in a glorious location, where the priest quoted The Princess Bride and the church was full of joy. (Congratulations, cousins!) We went to visit a gigantic […]

Sunday Best – March 10, 2019

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.      – Victor Hugo   This week I attended a terrific business conference in Florida, where a cool sun was shining. Of course in the last hour I realized all my time had all been spent in conference rooms, so I went for […]

Sunday Best – January 21, 2018 (with news!)

This past week marked a joyful beginning, where many years of professional endeavor came to a new and exciting starting point (click here for the news from Putnam).  At other beginnings, whether first days of school, or moving days, or first dates, or new jobs, I’ve felt the familiar flutters of anticipation, happiness, determination, hopefulness, and […]

Sunday Best – August 13, 2017

Colors are light’s suffering and joy.    – Goethe   Is there anything in your life that surprises you and fills you with glee, even after the hundredth time? Maybe a wink from a loved one, maybe a line in a favorite poem, maybe the flash of a bluebird in a field? Last week I […]

Sunday Best – August 6, 2017

Life has such surprising left hooks sometimes, which is one reason I love the poetry of Mary Oliver.  Here we are, strolling in a field, mooning over a glorious grasshopper, and then POW!  She asks, Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?   Much as it stings, it is the POW that makes the […]

Sunday Best – May 28, 2017

I’m honored to serve on the board of Omega Institute, one of the “thin places” in our midst, a place that helps to connect both inward and outward, whether you are there in body, in spirit, or in wifi. Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega, author of Marrow, and TED speaker, shared the poem below at our […]

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