Sunday Best – December 19, 2021

Yesterday I was finishing up some errands I’d put off for far too long, and truth be told it was not especially festive in the cold and the rain, the sky already darkening at just 3pm. It seemed I was not the only one who was trudging down the street instead of skipping.

Turning the corner, I heard a funny noise, not quite music and not quite traffic. Lo and behold, it turned out to be a Santa bike parade, wheels-a-spinning and songs-a-singing, undaunted by the weather.

Everyone nearby looked up from feet and phones, and we turned to one another in happy surprise as the Santas flew by, strangers turning into neighbors.

Friends, some days it is all we can do to get the errands done.

Sometimes not even that.

So let’s be glad for those who can put on the jingle bells and hop on their bikes.

And when we are able, let’s do the same.

Let’s lift each other up, one bell at a time.


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