Sunday Best – November 21, 2021

Yesterday I spent the day on fall chores, which I always leave until just a little too late in the season. Digging up the dahlias, dragging the outdoor furniture into the barn, and raking some giant leaf piles made for a satisfying morning, despite the frost.

I was clearing a fallen limb by the roadside when I spotted a flash of yellow – one lone narcissus, totally out of season, either six months early or six months late.

Sometimes I dismiss an unexpected joy, precisely because it’s unexpected. But who doesn’t need more joy?

Let’s pause for the beautiful sunset, even if it’s only 4pm.

Let’s drop everything to see the friend who happens to be in the neighborhood.

Let’s admire the quirky outfit, or the exuberant dance move.

Let’s marvel at the narcissus,

no matter the season.






If you are planning ahead for holiday gifts (maybe a good idea, with global supply chains in disarray), we hope you might consider Month of Sundays, which can be found at all of your favorite booksellers. One friend recently mentioned that she’s bought a stack of books to gift as she begins to reconnect with loved ones who have been apart, as a way to say, “welcome back.”

Thank you to those who have supported this endeavor to date, where proceeds have allowed us to give more generously than usual to some of the most vital nonprofits around.  We designed the book to be evergreen, and hope it will bring comfort and connection through times of ease and times of challenge alike.


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