Our Philosophy

Like any ecosystem, Honeybee thrives due to our connections. One form these connections take is our philanthropic giving, which is possible due to the historical success of Honeybee Capital.

Our giving stems from ongoing relationships with our partners, not from a pile of grant applications. This sort of “pollination effect” is a core part of our operating model, and its ROI approaches infinity.

Our giving philosophy is informed by our work in biomimicry, reflecting the wisdom of natural systems. We aim for:


Connecting ideas amongst varied fields – creative, independent thought! We believe this is what leads to optimal long-term decision-making.


Reconnecting investing to the real world. True investing (as opposed to trading or speculation) is inherently a connected activity, intertwined with the real world, and of benefit to that same real world – not confined to the world of bits and bytes on the screen.


Fostering new models. Different approaches – philosophical, intellectual, and operational – that help to re-align investing with its original purpose: service to our communities and our planet.

Our Partners

Like any healthy ecosystem, Honeybee thrives due to our relationships. We are delighted to highlight some members of our community here, with gratitude for the inspiration and support that they provide.




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