Sunday Best – January 15, 2023

Today I went for a nice long hike in a new place, and at the summit there were lots of us taking obligatory and celebratory selfies. One couple was sitting quietly off to the side, notable because they were staring out at the view instead of down at their screens.

Sure enough, one of them soon approached and asked me to take their picture. Then he leaned in a little and said in a quiet calm voice, “I’m actually going to propose, so if you could just keep filming that would be great.”

Friends, most of you know what a terrible poker face I have, and many of you also know that I am not a gifted photographer. I am happy to report that I put in the performance of my life – the surprise was not ruined, the video was beautiful, and best of all, the answer was yes.

If I’d hiked a little faster or slower, or turned back when my knee got sore, or looked a little more grumpy at the summit, I would have missed the amazing chance to see this couple enter a new chapter together.

Dear ones, what fantastic events are unfolding all around us, unwitnessed?

What joys might we see, if we look?

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