Sunday Best – October 17, 2021


Years ago, a dear friend passed away, completely unexpectedly. The pain was sharp and intense, acute. 

Weeks and weeks later, on my regular morning commute, a perfectly fine day, someone gently bumped into me on the train and I burst into tears.

Time layers into us. The acute slowly fades, but it does not vanish. It condenses into the sediment of our ongoing experience, chronic and just below the surface.

The joys are there too, sparks of light that remain embers.

Friends, our losses come unbidden, composting from acute to chronic. And so do the joys, big and small. A baby’s first smile, a bee diving into a blossom, a perfect cup of coffee, a loved one’s hand in ours, a giant truck full of Tootsie Rolls.

Dear ones, in big ways or small, let’s bank a little joy today.




In case you missed it earlier, here is our summer book list for 2021, shared with very best wishes for ongoing learning, exploration, and escape.

Honeybee Summer Reading List 2021


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