Sharing a library is a great way to build a friendship. Welcome to ours.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”


We define investing broadly. Financial investments are central to our work, of course, but right alongside them we also invest our time, energy, and other resources. In this section of the library we explore ideas around regenerative investing, general decision-making, data and prediction, risk and uncertainty, luck and skill.


We are avid practitioners of biomimicry, the conscious emulation of natural wisdom. We look to nature as “model, measure, and mentor” – and even beyond that, as muse. This section explores different organisms and ecosystems, our scientific tools for exploring and experimenting, and the concepts of biophilia, bioinspiration, and biomimicry. WWND? What Would Nature Do?


A central tenet of our work is that investing is not just a practical necessity; it is embodied belief. Spirit, then, is an essential component of investing, one that is often below the surface and left unexplored. This part of our library includes resources that have helped us to make this often-invisible layer a bit more visible.


Every healthy ecosystem needs nourishment! This section of the library contains the raw material that provides sustenance for our so-very-human lives. Here you’ll find ideas, art, poetry, music, fiction, and food.


Here you will find the legacy of Honeybee Capital’s original work, including our research reports, book lists, and all sorts of thematic explorations. If you want to understand our organizational roots, dig in.

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