Sunday Best – November 27, 2016



This Sunday’s meditation comes courtesy of the terrific Anne Lamott, author of the above-noted Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers , as well as Small Victories, Bird by Bird, and the upcoming and widely anticipated Hallelujah Anyway.

The backdrop above is a photo of a wall that our team built in Malawi this summer with Habitat for Humanity, a wall which now helps to shelter a family of six. That week there was Helping, Thanking, and Wow-ing at every turn – no contemplation necessary. One reason traveling is wonderful is that it heightens the senses, so that we can see our hometown lives more clearly upon return.

Most days, I have plenty of pleas for help in my prayers. And often, especially when prompted by a holiday that is actually called Thanks-Giving, I manage to be grateful. As we bridge to the winter season in the United States, I’m eager to re-center on the prayer of wonder, the Wow.

Dear Honeybees, I wish you help when you are in need, I offer you thanks for being part of my life and part of our work, and most of all, I wish you some wow.

Here’s to wonder, and to joy.

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