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Sunday Best – October 4, 2020

Every week, it seems that a good summary could be, “wow.” Our normal descriptors are all falling short. I have been wishing that the English language was a little more like German, with helpful compound words like kummerspeck (gaining weight from comfort eating – literally, “grief bacon”) and weltschmerz (pain that the world does not […]

Sunday Best – September 17, 2017

You are here. This week, the Cassini spacecraft beamed back its final images from Saturn, before intentionally diving into the planet’s atmosphere to burn up. Cassini had an extraordinary mission, and an extended one – the launch was way back in 1997, and it had been in orbit around Saturn for 13 years. Do you […]

Sunday Best – November 27, 2016

  This Sunday’s meditation comes courtesy of the terrific Anne Lamott, author of the above-noted Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers , as well as Small Victories, Bird by Bird, and the upcoming and widely anticipated Hallelujah Anyway. The backdrop above is a photo of a wall that our team built in Malawi this summer with […]

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