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Sunday Best – February 5, 2023

Things I appreciated this week: The flash of a cardinal in the bare lilac tree. The joy of running into an old friend on the street. The man in the park who warned me about the coming cold snap. The finding of my warmest hat, just in time. The goofy texts from my nephew, and […]

Sunday Best – November 27, 2022

When I turned fifty, I declared to friends and family that my intention was to become even more earnest. That might sound simple, or even simplistic, but in a world of ever-escalating cynicism, it was the most courageous resolution I could imagine.  As Ferris Bueller reminds us, life moves pretty fast. Before we know it, […]

Sunday Best – September 18, 2022

On my way to the airport in California this week, I was caught up in the me-me-me that travel sometimes entails. My ride was late, my hotel bill had an error, my stomach was rumbling, my mind was preoccupied. When I finally looked up from my phone, this smiley sight greeted me, the work of […]

Sunday Best – December 27, 2020

As the year draws to a close, I start making lists, counting my blessings. Normally these lists are full of things I’ve seen and done – lots of travels, celebrations with loved ones, all sorts of buzzy activity. This year, though intensely busy in different ways, has markers that are quieter and a little harder to […]

Sunday Best – October 18, 2020

  Dear friends, Sometimes there is nothing to do but to make a wish on a floating milkweed seed. May we all have a wish-filled week. (Please click “view photos” if you cannot see the images here).  

Sunday Best – April 19, 2020

  Years ago, we had a big anniversary party for my grandparents, who at that point had been married for sixty-five years. The whole room was packed with Colllinses, eating and talking and laughing. I was able to sit by my grandpa for a little while and he looked around the big noisy room and […]

Sunday Best – September 8, 2019

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.     – Seneca (or Semisonic)   Last week, I took a long hike with a dear friend, up through a forest that had been consumed by fire a few years back. It was not quite as conventionally pretty as other hikes nearby, with its ghost […]

Sunday Best – August 18, 2019

LESSONS IN POLLINATION In honor of National Honeybee Day (August 17), here are a few observations I’ve gathered from beekeeping. On Intentionality. Bees don’t need a lot of care – in fact, you can mess things up by bothering them too much, or by rushing around. Each encounter needs to have a simple plan, light enough […]

Sunday Best – February 17, 2019

Purl two? Many of you have likely seen Purl, the new short film by Pixar about a ball of yarn who is the lone “other” working at BRO Capital. The story follows Purl as she adapts to fit in with her colleagues, doing everything she can to be less Purl and more Bro. Then one […]

Sunday Best – November 25, 2018

If you’re in the United States this week, and you’re lucky,amidst the turkey and pie and traffic jams and football games, you’ve had a moment to actually think about the word Thanksgiving.  Thanks. Giving. One reason this holiday is so treasured is that we feel better when we count our blessings.  Research has borne this […]

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