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Sunday Best – September 4, 2022

ALMOST EVERYTHING WILL WORK AGAINIF YOU UNPLUG IT FOR A FEW MINUTES —INCLUDING YOU.            – ANNE LAMOTT     Dear friends, May we all have a pocket of peace today, for reflection and reconnection, for recovery and replenishment.   ***** In case you are looking to make the most of […]

Sunday Best – September 6, 2020

Friends, I am unplugging a bit this weekend, and hope that you are too. Instead of our usual reflections, I offer this audio link to David Foster Wallace’s original Kenyon commencement address, which later became the priceless small volume, This is Water. I re-heard this last night while sitting on my front porch near sunset, […]

Sunday Best – June 3, 2018

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes — including you.  – Anne Lamott As you read this I am happily unplugged in Ecuador, looking forward to seeing what arises to fill that vast un-screened space — and to sharing it with you upon return in our regular posts, resuming […]

Sunday Best – December 17, 2017

A dear friend reminded me this week that we are smack-dab in the middle of the season of reflection and gratitude, despite the contrary indicators of jam-packed calendars and distracting sparkly holiday sweaters and occasional bouts of end-of-year whining. Luckily our conversation sent me straight to the wonderful Anne Lamott for refuge, and her book […]

Sunday Best – August 27, 2017

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes — including you.  – Anne Lamott Dear Honeybees, As the season starts to turn, let’s unplug! If only for a moment. Or two.   If you prefer to unplug with a book, our Summer Reading list can be found in the Honeybee […]

Sunday Best – January 15, 2017

  Dear Honeybees, I have been starting this year unplugged, a Very Uncomfortable Thing indeed — but I’ve done so with the idea that reconnecting in the most powerful sense sometimes involves disconnecting in the most mundane sense. Surely good things will come of this time, and I as I plug back in this week […]

Sunday Best – November 27, 2016

  This Sunday’s meditation comes courtesy of the terrific Anne Lamott, author of the above-noted Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers , as well as Small Victories, Bird by Bird, and the upcoming and widely anticipated Hallelujah Anyway. The backdrop above is a photo of a wall that our team built in Malawi this summer with […]

Finance Friday – July 29, 2016

We usually save these sorts of observations for our “Sunday Best” posts, but really, the most powerful unplugging of all might be the kind that occurs during the week. If you sit with a big question for a whole screen-less hour today, who knows what might emerge? As you read this I am happily unplugged […]

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