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Sunday Best – October 1, 2023

  In my dream the other night I was waiting to board a plane, in the muddled frazzled frame of mind that comes from too much motion and not enough stillness. As I tried to concentrate on a stream of inbound emails, I felt someone coming up behind me – a little too close, as […]

Sunday Best – August 20, 2023

Some days a little storm cloud sits overhead – the coffee is cold and the lines are long and the news is mean and there seems no grace or kindness to be found. But then the driver coming towards me slows on the road and I spot the reason – an enormous turtle is crossing […]

Sunday Best – October 10, 2021

Yesterday I reunited with a dear longtime friend. There were delicious sandwiches and  long winding stories and a tiny butternut squash growing in the garden. We spoke of adventures and investment ideas and our loved ones, some near and some far, and when we were through a giant flock of birds flew overhead. Some would […]

Sunday Best – April 22, 2018

“Where do the mermaids stand? You need not – probably cannot – live a paint-by-numbers life.”     – Barbara Bush   Yesterday Barbara Bush was laid to rest, reminding many of us that strong opinions and good humor can happily coexist. I have felt a curious closeness to Mrs. Bush for many years (though we […]

Sunday Best – December 31, 2017

Last Sunday was the first in a long while without a Sunday Best, due to an unexpected snow squall that left me stranded. I was heading home in a tiny rental car, no snow tires and no 4-wheel drive, and even before I got to the edge of town the wheels were spinning and I […]

Sunday Best – July 30, 2017

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.      – Galileo * Though the summer seems meant for leisure, sometimes it is also jam-packed with priorities that seem to compete. Fortunately, […]

Sunday Best – March 12, 2017

  To Come Home to Yourself      – John O’Donohue   May all that is unforgiven in you Be released. May your fears yield Their deepest tranquilities. May all that is unlived in you Blossom into a future Graced with love.   Dear Honeybees, on this edge of spring, we bring you this blessing […]

What President Clinton Taught Me About Empathy This Weekend

Some Honeybee readers will know that I’ve devoted a great deal of time over the years to empathy – trying (often in vain) to practice it, and trying to study it too. This is not so uncommon these days, even in business and finance circles, where there is more and more discussion of “EQ”  in […]

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