Sunday Best – October 10, 2021

Yesterday I reunited with a dear longtime friend. There were delicious sandwiches and  long winding stories and a tiny butternut squash growing in the garden.

We spoke of adventures and investment ideas and our loved ones, some near and some far, and when we were through a giant flock of birds flew overhead.

Some would say this was a message from those loved ones, some would say it was a coincidence, some would say it’s just some silly birds, for goodness’ sake.

Regardless, there were peals of laughter and a sense of love and abundance, a moment of grace.

Dear ones, whatever its source,

let’s find that grace.



In case you missed it earlier, here is our summer book list for 2021, shared with very best wishes for ongoing learning, exploration, and escape.

Honeybee Summer Reading List 2021


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