Sunday Best – October 1, 2023


In my dream the other night I was waiting to board a plane, in the muddled frazzled frame of mind that comes from too much motion and not enough stillness. As I tried to concentrate on a stream of inbound emails, I felt someone coming up behind me – a little too close, as often happens in a crowded terminal. Then another. Then another.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off, irritated and refusing to acknowledge the interruption. The hand returned, gently. I shrugged again. Finally, a third time.

I whirled around to confront the intruder, and there gathered behind me were all the people I’ve ever loved, past and present, patiently loving me back. As I scanned each precious face I just kept thinking, oh! You’re all here!  

I did not have to want them there. I did not have to ask. They were already present.

Dear ones, help is all around. 

May we offer. 

May we receive.




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