Finance Friday – April 29, 2016



$7.1 Trillion.

This is the cumulative non-government investment in the transition economy since 2007.  Categories of investment include renewable energy, water & green infrastructure, and sustainable fintech like crowdfunding.

Is this a nearly impossible thing to quantify?  Of course. Could we quibble about methodology until the cows come home?  Sure.  Yet is this accounting a worthy endeavor?  Certainly!  Should we all be paying more attention to any arena of this size and with this pace of development? As my middle school self would say, a-duh! 

We offer huge gratitude and admiration to the indomitable Hazel Henderson, Rosalinda Sanquiche, and Timothy Nash at Ethical Markets for taking on this mammoth project, the Green Transition Scorecard.

You can see the complete executive summary with links to the full report From Ethical Markets here.

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