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Finance Friday – December 9, 2016

  32x. Plus. That’s the growth in corporate purchase agreements for renewable energy in just four years, since 2012.  Back then, these agreements were about 100 MW, and in 2015 the total was 3.25 GW.  The Rocky Mountain Institute expects a whopping 60 GW to be needed for the US corporate market by 2025. Some […]

Finance Friday – September 2, 2016

$29.10 That’s the price of solar power that won the electricity auction in Chile recently – $29/megawatt hour.  Total pricing in the auction, which provides about a third of the country’s capacity, was down 40% from a similar process last year, with renewables winning more than half of the contracts. For reference, here are the […]

Finance Friday – May 13, 2016

87%. This past Sunday, May 8, for a brief time Germany produced 87% of its total energy consumption from wind and solar. Power prices were actually negative for a few hours. Germany, 4th largest economy in the world. Of course this doesn’t happen every day.  Of course there has been some up-front cost to the country’s […]

Finance Friday – April 29, 2016

  $7.1 Trillion. This is the cumulative non-government investment in the transition economy since 2007.  Categories of investment include renewable energy, water & green infrastructure, and sustainable fintech like crowdfunding. Is this a nearly impossible thing to quantify?  Of course. Could we quibble about methodology until the cows come home?  Sure.  Yet is this accounting a […]

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