Sunday Best – September 17, 2017

You are here.

This week, the Cassini spacecraft beamed back its final images from Saturn, before intentionally diving into the planet’s atmosphere to burn up.

Cassini had an extraordinary mission, and an extended one – the launch was way back in 1997, and it had been in orbit around Saturn for 13 years. Do you remember 1997? It’s a little blurry to me too, but that’s how long this spacecraft has been at work.

The scientific data from Cassini is groundbreaking, and sure to provide new insights for years to come as it is more fully understood. But for now, just look!

See that little arrow? See that little dot? That’s us. All of us.  Our joys and our sorrows. Our most glorious achievements and our most horrible mistakes. All the people we’ve ever loved. All the people we’ve ever been. All of our stories – the truths and the fictions. All of the elephants and kittens and spiders and sea stars and creatures of the deep we have yet to meet. All of the sand dunes and mountaintops. All of the rivers and oceans. The land and the seas. The storms and the calm.

So tiny.

And so immense.



Spend a few minutes here today, with more of the stunning images from this mission. Wonder.

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