Sunday Best – July 26, 2020

Sometimes it helps to look up. This week I tiptoed out in the dark on three different nights, hoping to spy the comet. And finally, at long last, the clouds parted and I saw the streaky miraculous blur.

Amazing as it was, the comet was secondary. Each night outdoors brought a little pocket of quiet. Real quiet, not the quiet of separation or cancelled fun, but the quiet of a still clear night. The quiet of stars.

This weekend also marks the new year in the Mayan calendar, where the day before the new year, July 25, is a Day Out of Time, the “extra” day left over after 13 moon cycles. I celebrated by being mostly outside, tending and roaming and reading, and it was a balm to have screen time close to zero. By the end of the day, my eyes were both metaphorically and literally clear.

There’s a lot to dislike right now, but there are some glimmers, too. I like knowing that it’s a new moon without having to look it up on a website. I like the sureness that the blueberry that was almost ripe this morning will be deep blue before supper time. I like waking up to the cheep of the hummingbird and the cry of the hawk.

Friends, it’s an ongoing Time Out of Time in many ways, which can be disorienting and surprisingly noisy.

Let’s look up.

Let’s aim for the pockets of stars, the quiet within the quiet – comet or not.


Our new book is almost here, and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  A few final edits to the proof copy and it will be out in the world, for all to share.

All profits from this publication will be given in support of organizations that are serving our most essential needs – look for full details in the coming weeks.

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