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Sunday Best – March 26, 2023

My work team is celebrating its sixth anniversary this spring, which sent me on a spiral of investigation about why iron is the traditional 6th anniversary gift, and how it is the element towards which both lighter and heavier elements converge, and how the stars themselves burn out into iron in the end. This has […]

Sunday Best – February 12, 2023

  This week I happened upon a video of a big cracked rock, all dusty and bashed up and completely unremarkable. Sooner than I could scroll past, the rock split in two, revealing the most glorious sight. Inside, it was gleaming and lustrous and endlessly deep. What looked like an ordinary boulder was really a […]

Sunday Best – December 18, 2022

On this day in 1966, the original Grinch animation was aired for the first time – the good one, the real one, the one with Boris Karloff. There is Cindy Lou Who, who is no more than two. There is Max with the reindeer horn tied on his head, sliding down Mount Crumpit. There is […]

Sunday Best – July 26, 2020

Sometimes it helps to look up. This week I tiptoed out in the dark on three different nights, hoping to spy the comet. And finally, at long last, the clouds parted and I saw the streaky miraculous blur. Amazing as it was, the comet was secondary. Each night outdoors brought a little pocket of quiet. […]

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