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Sunday Best – February 25, 2024

  Friends, it is a loud loud world. In an effort to set aside the daily news one night this past week, I watched a shocking number of Taylor Swift reels and learned that butterflies sometimes drink turtle tears. While these were worthwhile distractions, they were just that – distractions. Thankfully there was also a […]

Sunday Best – July 26, 2020

Sometimes it helps to look up. This week I tiptoed out in the dark on three different nights, hoping to spy the comet. And finally, at long last, the clouds parted and I saw the streaky miraculous blur. Amazing as it was, the comet was secondary. Each night outdoors brought a little pocket of quiet. […]

Sunday Best – July 7, 2019

On fireworks and fireflies. When I finally moved into the city, the main criteria for choosing my apartment was that it had to have a view of the 4th of July fireworks. For many years, that show has been my main summer ritual. I’ve refused wonderful invitations and rearranged all sorts of other plans to […]

Sunday Best – December 17, 2017

A dear friend reminded me this week that we are smack-dab in the middle of the season of reflection and gratitude, despite the contrary indicators of jam-packed calendars and distracting sparkly holiday sweaters and occasional bouts of end-of-year whining. Luckily our conversation sent me straight to the wonderful Anne Lamott for refuge, and her book […]

Finance Friday – December 30, 2016

Dear Honeybees, On the edge of a new year, I wish you peace, I wish you prosperity, I wish you joy… and I wish you a little pocket of quiet, so you can hear the world breathing. With love, kc (Never fear, we’ll be back to Finance-forward content next week!)

Moderates Of The World, Unite! – dispatch from The Nantucket Project

This weekend I was delighted to attend The Nantucket Project, built around the theme “Seek the Truth – Endure the Consequences”. When we think of Truth, it’s often with a capital T, as something that is indisputable – and so it was pleasantly surprising to find much of the conversation focused on nuance and subtlety. […]

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