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Sunday Best – April 14, 2019

It’s rare that a blurry photo makes the front pages, but this week’s first image of a black hole did just that. For anyone who has not thought about black holes since Astro101, these photos seem to turn myth into reality. More accurately, they show that it’s possible to see something that can’t be directly […]

Sunday Best – September 17, 2017

You are here. This week, the Cassini spacecraft beamed back its final images from Saturn, before intentionally diving into the planet’s atmosphere to burn up. Cassini had an extraordinary mission, and an extended one – the launch was way back in 1997, and it had been in orbit around Saturn for 13 years. Do you […]

Sunday Best – July 24, 2016

Three.  This is the number of Legos that are on board the Juno spacecraft. Don’t you just love the poetry and romance and scandal that is tangled up in scientific discovery?  Stop rolling your eyes – I’m serious! The Juno spacecraft, which reached its intended orbit earlier this month, is named after Jupiter’s wife, who […]

Sunday Best – April 17, 2016

As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.   Do you recall the gigantic photo of our galaxy that NASA released last year?  Watch this wonderful video for a guided tour, and be sure to stay through to the finish. This is the best 3-minute meditation I know. I […]

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