Sunday Best – July 16, 2017

56 Seconds

This week my best hour was spent walking in the field with two small humans.  We sang to alert the bears, we looked for turkey tracks, we did crazy wiggly dances, we counted the different types of grasses, we stood by the beehives for a long long time and were very very still.

And then, at the end of the path, the real highlight – we met this new little friend!

Dear Honeybees, LOOK at this little worm! The stretching, the exploring, the anchoring, the leaping, the yearning, the twisting and turning and finally making a new plan when the first one is just not the way to go. Isn’t it glorious?

Sometimes when you’re right there in it, it’s hard to tell. Is it time to stretch? time to anchor? time to leap? or maybe time to turn a different way altogether?

Take a minute – a single minute – and cheer this inchworm on as she (and we) figure it out.


 * If you need the direct video link, here it is:

 * I might not have noticed this little one if I hadn’t seen a recent wormy image from Maria Popova of BrainPickings – how grateful I am for this influence!


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