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Sunday Best – February 11, 2018

“It’s not heart or head. It’s heart and head.”   – Gene Sharp, professor and activist This week marked the passing of Gene Sharp, expert in nonviolent resistance. I had the honor of meeting Prof. Sharp during my studies at divinity school, and was struck by his firm conviction that principles without strategy were not […]

Sunday Best – July 16, 2017

56 Seconds This week my best hour was spent walking in the field with two small humans.  We sang to alert the bears, we looked for turkey tracks, we did crazy wiggly dances, we counted the different types of grasses, we stood by the beehives for a long long time and were very very still. […]

We Are All Investors

Hello Honeybees, Today we are trying something new – a very short video blog. In this one-minute segment I discuss my belief that WE ARE ALL INVESTORS. We invest our time, our energy, and our resources all day, every day. So thinking about why we invest is important for everyone – and yet many questions […]

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