Sunday Best – November 20, 2016


What’s your favorite argument?

Odds are that we’ve all had some of our least favorite arguments in recent weeks. These will continue, rightfully so, but as we prepare for Thanksgiving in the US, I’m pausing a moment to consider, what is my favorite argument?

In our house, two favorites are the Collins Irish Bread Argument and the Branyan Sand Tart Cookies Argument. Buttermilk or regular milk? Raisins or currants? Lemon zest or vanilla extract? (don’t you dare say both!).

I’ve just been able to review the contents of my Nanny Collins’ recipe box, in hopes of determining The Irish Bread Truth at long last. [Think Ark of the Covenant, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Lascaux cave paintings all rolled into one.] Turns out there are seven recipes in there, each a tiny bit different — including one from those heathens the Downeys who apparently have no concept of a proper caraway/raisin ratio. And these seven don’t even include the original Norton version, which starts, “9 cups of flour…”

Maybe there are many Irish Bread Truths? Maybe Truth is a personal thing? Maybe Truth is an endless quest?

Maybe Nanny just wanted to make sure that we kept having our favorite argument for many years to come.

Dear Honeybees, no matter what your recipe, I am grateful for our connections – this week and always.

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