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Sunday Best – July 22, 2018

If you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist.        – George Carlin   This week I spent a lot of time explaining my work to other people – some interested, some puzzled, some skeptical. As my energy faded, I caught myself saying things like “it’s just common sense” or “it’s a […]

Sunday Best – February 18, 2018

“Whatever you want, we’ll make more.” I was at a technology investing conference this week, and a leading venture capitalist was describing how responsive that business can be. If people want apps for their phone, they’ll make more. If people want new e-commerce models, they’ll make more. When I’m tired or cranky or sad, I […]

Sunday Best – November 20, 2016

What’s your favorite argument? Odds are that we’ve all had some of our least favorite arguments in recent weeks. These will continue, rightfully so, but as we prepare for Thanksgiving in the US, I’m pausing a moment to consider, what is my favorite argument? In our house, two favorites are the Collins Irish Bread Argument and […]

Sunday Best – July 10, 2016

Dear Honeybees, We had another Sunday message all teed-up for you this weekend, but after recent violence upon violence upon violence, on all sides, in all places, the best I can offer you is this. Please find a tiny pocket of quiet – a cup of tea, a few deep breaths, a walk outdoors – […]


Welcome to our fall graphics series! This week’s wisdom: TRUTH is greater than PRECISION. Precision can be false comfort; truth is often messy.      

Moderates Of The World, Unite! – dispatch from The Nantucket Project

This weekend I was delighted to attend The Nantucket Project, built around the theme “Seek the Truth – Endure the Consequences”. When we think of Truth, it’s often with a capital T, as something that is indisputable – and so it was pleasantly surprising to find much of the conversation focused on nuance and subtlety. […]

Use The Hammer, Not Your Shoe

Clouds of philosophy, lessons from Ronald Dworkin: I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down, and still somehow It’s cloud illusions I recall I really don’t know clouds at all – Joni Mitchell

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