Finance Friday – May 20, 2016



Double.  Half.  Zero. 100.

In Nike’s latest sustainable business report, CEO Mark Parker puts forth a bold charge:  can we double our business while halving our environmental impact?

Think about that.  Double and half.  Where could you double a positive, and half a negative?

The company has also announced some specific goals: zero waste from contract manufacturing by 2020, and 100% renewable energy by 2025.  Nice round numbers.

By then Nike will likely be producing somewhere around 200 million shoes per year.  The brand alone (separate from the business) has been valued around $20 billion.

We’re coming up on a new fiscal year at Nike – it will be great to see what progress has been made, and what’s to come.


*  H/T to Kyle Westaway’s Weekend Briefing and his book Profit & Purpose.

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