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Sunday Best – June 25, 2017

  My sister recently told me about a poetry contest called the Floral Games, which was referenced in a commencement address by poet Billy Collins (alas, no relation, though I would take my brother, father, and grandfather — Williams all — over any other Billy Collins around). I finally had the chance to do a […]

Finance Friday – February 17, 2017

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.     – Warren Buffett Everyone thinks businesses (and investment portfolios) should be managed for the long term…. until there’s a bad quarter.  The pressures of short termism have been widely noted, but now there is some empirical proof that […]

Finance Friday – October 7, 2016

76%.  20%.   No matter how small, when we add speed bumps to a process, they tend to work.  This is especially true when we craft opt-in versus opt-out action plans. In the case above, for young workers presented with an opt-in retirement savings plan, just 20% signed up to participate.  When participation was set as […]

Finance Friday – June 10, 2016

$150,000 x 2000 That’s a lotta yogurt. A few weeks ago, Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya announced stock grants to all 2000 full time employees, totaling about 10% of the company’s $3-5b value. A Turkish immigrant, Hamdi founded the company just 11 years ago.  (Do you remember life before Greek yogurt?)  Chobani’s initial operation was a defunct […]

Finance Friday – May 20, 2016

  Double.  Half.  Zero. 100. In Nike’s latest sustainable business report, CEO Mark Parker puts forth a bold charge:  can we double our business while halving our environmental impact? Think about that.  Double and half.  Where could you double a positive, and half a negative? The company has also announced some specific goals: zero waste […]

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