Library Stack #4 – What’s the Big Idea?


Hello Honeybees, and welcome to our library!

We’ve recently reorganized our online library in the way that allows for both more logical navigation and more serendipity. In short, we’ve established four major quadrants of wisdom (Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment) and we are arranging thematic pods of content within these big categories. (For a more complete explanation of the library project, please see this post).

This week we’re pleased to highlight the “What’s the Big Idea?” pod from our Nourishment quadrant. This collection includes some of our favorite big-thinking resources, from the Santa Fe Institute to Britain’s Reith Lectures. If you have spent too much time with Us Magazine or ESPN lately (and who hasn’t?), this pod is for you.

Stay tuned for next week’s feature from our Investing quadrant. We wish you a week of happy learning and exploring.

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