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Sunday Best – April 21, 2019

  What’s your -er?   I was lucky to attend the TED conference this past week, where there are always some unexpected sources of wisdom and insight. If you had asked me to name the most likely source of connection and de-partisanship to be encountered during the gathering, I would not have guessed Frank Luntz, […]

Sunday Best – March 25, 2018

“When we reject the single story, we regain a kind of paradise.” –  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   This week was a wonderful jumble of tactical questions, scientific exploration, and philosophical reflection… pretty much a perfect week. It was a week of Big Questions. Is this portfolio reflecting the great variety of investment opportunity we see? […]

Sunday Best – December 4, 2016

And Now for Some (Really!) Good News… This is my dear friend Raj Panjabi of Last Mile Health, who has just been awarded the TED Prize for 2017.  Raj and the Last Mile Health team, along with colleagues from many other organizations, share the goal of ensuring access to health care for every person, everywhere, every day. […]

Finance Friday – August 12, 2016

226 million. That’s how many smartphone connections there are in Africa — up 2x in just 2 years! The broader subscriber base for all forms of mobile is now up to 48% of the population, vs. 31% in 2010. I have been fortunate to travel to Africa just about every year for 20+ years, and have […]

Library Stack #4 – What’s the Big Idea?

Hello Honeybees, and welcome to our library! We’ve recently reorganized our online library in the way that allows for both more logical navigation and more serendipity. In short, we’ve established four major quadrants of wisdom (Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment) and we are arranging thematic pods of content within these big categories. (For a more […]

What Is Your “OM”?

The most thought-provoking talk I’ve seen all year – and it wasn’t at TED! As many readers know, I am a big TED groupie, lover of the TED conferences and of all the little TEDx offspring.  But the best talk I’ve heard this year was not at a TED conference – it was at the […]

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