Sunday Best – July 22, 2018

If you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist. 

      – George Carlin


This week I spent a lot of time explaining my work to other people – some interested, some puzzled, some skeptical. As my energy faded, I caught myself saying things like “it’s just common sense” or “it’s a better path to alpha.”

Maybe these statements are true, but they are not the Truth. They take something Very Big Indeed and shrink it down into something easier to accept, less dramatic, less disruptive.

But in making it easier, I was also making it smaller. The shortcut language I was using is rooted in cynicism, and fear, and exhaustion.  The bigger truth of this work is so much more.

Luckily a colleague asked a more personal question during one session, which snapped me back to focus, and gave me the gracious gift of time, time to explain the More.

Dear Honeybees, if we find ourselves drifting towards the comfort of cynicism this week, I hope we all have beacons to pull us towards our More. In our cynical world, what greater strength than to stay honest and true?

Stay earnest. Don’t shrink.



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