Sunday Best – December 4, 2016

And Now for Some (Really!) Good News…


This is my dear friend Raj Panjabi of Last Mile Health, who has just been awarded the TED Prize for 2017.  Raj and the Last Mile Health team, along with colleagues from many other organizations, share the goal of ensuring access to health care for every person, everywhere, every day. As Raj often says, illness is universal, but access to care is not: more than a billion people worldwide lack health care due to the disease of distance.

Seeing this group, its people, and its mission survive and thrive despite external cynicism, crazy rainy seasons where mud holes can swallow trucks whole, and – let’s never forget – the ebola crisis, constantly reminds me of the power of service, science, courage, and love. I have never learned more than I have while serving on LMH’s board of directors, and it’s an honor to currently be serving this group and this mission as board chair.

Every once in a while, there are tangible signs that the arc of the universe really is bending towards justice. This is one of those times. Please join me in helping that arc to bend a little more by supporting Raj, Last Mile Health, and all of the community health workers who are bringing care to the last mile.

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