Sunday Best – May 19, 2024


Last month, I went out to check on my bees. As I approached the yard, an ominous silence greeted me. Where just a week before there had been lively signs of stirring in the early season sunshine, we’d since had a bitter cold reversion, with lots of wind and rain. Sure enough, the bees had not made it through. A silent beehive is one of the saddest sights around.

Gosh, we were so close to spring!


If only.


What if.

Friends, sometimes things don’t go so well.

Sometimes it’s far worse than a springtime cold snap.

We might have to be sad for a while.

Or mad. Or quiet. Or loud.

We might have to retreat and recoup.

It could be a moment.

It could be a very long while indeed.

Then if we are lucky,

if we are ready,

we might have the chance to try again.

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