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Sunday Best – May 19, 2024

  Last month, I went out to check on my bees. As I approached the yard, an ominous silence greeted me. Where just a week before there had been lively signs of stirring in the early season sunshine, we’d since had a bitter cold reversion, with lots of wind and rain. Sure enough, the bees […]

Sunday Best – April 2, 2023

Crocus in bloom, Sox back at Fenway, mittens packed away. Dear friends, Spring is on her way to New England, and not a moment too soon.   Before a Departure in Spring      – W.S. Merwin Once more it is April with the first light sifting through the young leaves heavy with dew making […]

Sunday Best – January 29, 2023

This coming week marks St. Brigid’s Day, welcoming the early spring. In New England this means that the sun will peek over the horizon before seven for the first time in months, which is indeed a hopeful sign.  What better time to share a blessing from the extraordinary John O’Donohue, who links longing and belonging […]

Sunday Best – April 24, 2022

As we slowly shed the layers of winter in New England, a great joy of the springtime is the chance to reconnect with the earth – literally.  Feet on the ground, I feel the squish of the melting season and the bounce of the new grass emerging. Hands in the soil, I meet the life […]

Sunday Best – March 21, 2021

It’s crept along in recent weeks – the birds getting louder, the sun getting stronger, the green shoots emerging from the ground as it thaws – and now, at last, we have arrived at the equinox. Even though there’s surely a last snowfall or two to keep us guessing, each day from here has a […]

Sunday Best – April 1, 2018

  Dear Honeybees, It’s been a long cold winter. Whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover or the melting of the final iceberg in the backyard, I hope you find a little patch of warmth today. Take a breath. Close your eyes. Turn your face to the sun. Rejoice.    

Sunday Best – March 12, 2017

  To Come Home to Yourself      – John O’Donohue   May all that is unforgiven in you Be released. May your fears yield Their deepest tranquilities. May all that is unlived in you Blossom into a future Graced with love.   Dear Honeybees, on this edge of spring, we bring you this blessing […]

Sunday Best – March 27, 2016

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”    – Henry David Thoreau   The bees are back! I witnessed this beautiful sight recently in the Berkshires, when only the witch hazel was abloom.

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