Sunday Best – November 20, 2022


and there in the dust of my heart (where

so many plentiful things will be stored),

you will come and go among the melons.

    – Pablo Neruda


This week I received a gorgeous new publication from the Arion Press,one of the few artisanal publishers remaining. Each book is hand set, hand printed, and hand bound, accompanied by the work of ingenious contemporary artists.

When I opened Pablo Neruda’s Love Sonnets, these final lines from sonnet 99 leapt up to me. Now visions of honey-barrels and melon gardens of the heart have been wafting around me all day, as I ponder “the silence of plants and of planets.”

Friends, let us bless the artists among us – those who write the poems and those who set the type, those who bind the pages and those who deliver them to our hands.

May their work quiet our minds, expand our hearts, and spark our souls.



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