Sunday Best – August 14, 2022 (with book list!)

I’ve intentionally spent time in varied landscapes this summer, which has led to a more vivid appreciation of the uniqueness and unity of our natural world. Here is the first of a series of blessings based on these places.



May the skittering gecko bring alertness to change

May the spirals of the hawk inspire spirals of the mind

May the ancient pathways anchor our spirits

May the white fire of noon ignite the sleeping soul

May the full moon rising illuminate the shadows

May the cool pink dawn deliver hope.



SUMMER BOOK LIST:  I hope this season has offered a window for reflection and replenishment. Firefly season in New England is already faded, but we are still at peak blueberry production, which means there is plenty of time for summer reading!

Honeybee Book List – Summer 2022



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