Sunday Best – February 6, 2022


Friendship is a sheltering tree.     – Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Yesterday a dear friend dropped by unexpectedly, something that used to happen all the time. Though we hadn’t seen one another in months, within a single minute we were talking about Big Things, and small things too.

Whether Coleridge or Madea, many have compared friendships to trees. And yes, sometimes there are relationships that turn out to be seasonal instead of perennial, which can be a heartbreaking recognition.

But sometimes it’s the reverse. A person who is just down the hall, or a friend of a friend, or a volunteer at that one event can turn from a casual “good morning” into a deep-rooted bond, one that keeps us steady in storms and brings nourishment when we’re depleted.

Dear ones, let’s be grateful for the leaves, the many connections in life that are lovely and sparkling and fleeting.

And let’s rejoice in the roots.


The best present I’ve ever received is this dedication of a bench in Boston’s Public Garden from my parents. If you happen to be nearby (and it’s above zero degrees), come sit a while! It’s near the angel statue at the corner of Beacon and Arlington, along the Beacon Street side of the park.

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