Sunday Best – December 27, 2020

As the year draws to a close, I start making lists, counting my blessings. Normally these lists are full of things I’ve seen and done – lots of travels, celebrations with loved ones, all sorts of buzzy activity. This year, though intensely busy in different ways, has markers that are quieter and a little harder to spot.

When I scan my 2020 photos, almost all of them are outside. Flower flower flower tree tree tree bee bee bee…This is the year that I was in my place. Not hosting or greeting. Not coming and going. Just there.

Like any newly intense relationship, there were some rocky moments: the snow in May, the windstorm that took out trees and power lines, the lost beehive. But day to day, there was a slowly growing connection. I planted tomatoes. I cut brambles. I harvested pears. I sat with my favorite trees. I walked and walked and walked.

For many of us, this year’s highlight list might be shorter, and harder to compose. But each quiet entry has a root that runs deep.

For this, we give thanks.


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