Sunday Best – December 13, 2020

I was scrolling through photos with my niece this week and she stopped at a series from my last trip to Liberia. She asked me about every single person, about the kids who were getting checked for nutrition and the babies who were receiving their vaccinations and the community health workers delivering care, about the log bridges that crossed over the creeks, about every tree and flower and bug that was represented.

It reminded me of the great joy of travel, the way that new settings almost automatically bring out our curiosity and wonder. And yet our travels – and our wonders – take many forms. A friend points out the perfect phrase to describe an essential truth – wonderful. A cookie assembly transforms a marshmallow into a snowman head– wonderful. A casual web scrolling turns up creatures so extraordinary that I find myself saying out loud, “hello, who are you?!?”  All wonderful!


Dear ones, the limits of our world can sometimes highlight its wonders even more vividly.

Let’s follow those sparks, whether far afield or close to home.

Let’s revel in the wonders of our world.



Thank you for the ongoing support of Month of Sundays! The good news is that so many books are being ordered, our publisher is behind in printing and some outlets are reporting delays. However, as of this week Barnes & Noble and many local booksellers through Bookshop and Indiebound are still able to fulfill orders quickly. (And of course the e-version has no such challenges.) We all know how great it is to receive a gift a little bit after the holiday buzz, when the quiet of winter is descending, so thank you for your patience as some of our partners catch up to the terrific demand.

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