Sunday Best – October 25, 2020

I woke to a drizzly morning, misty and still. As the sun struggled to come through the clouds, a little breeze stirred the tree branches, and whoosh! A thousand leaves fell. A few minutes later I glanced out the window again, and with the next puff of air, woahhhh! A murmuration went flying through the air, swooping and swirling for ages before finally settling to the ground.

We know that change is constant, that even in the slowest-moving times things are shifting and developing under the surface. But every once in a while, we witness the changes firsthand. The boulder that cracks after decades of snow and ice. The child that gives a first glance of grown-up recognition. The baby bee emerging from a cell. The tree that releases its leaves to the air.

Dear ones, change can bring greatness, and it can also be unsettling, or even unwelcome – which often makes us blind to its signals. We look away in a moment of discomfort, and days or weeks or whole decades fly past. Yet we know that without the long winter there can be no green-gold spring.

Friends, let’s not look away.

Let’s witness the changes that are before us, knowing that along with some sorrows they bring great joys, holding all of the potentials of our incredible world.




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