Sunday Best – October 20, 2019

engagement is prayer.


   – Terry Tempest Williams, at Bioneers 2019


As a mother, you might sit and let things get noisy in the other room.

But when you hear something break, you get up and go in. 

It’s time to get in the room.

– Heather McTeer Toney, at Bioneers 2019


Dear ones, we can live lives immersed in the world, with hearts carefully shielded – active and unattached. Or we can live whole-hearted lives within smaller circles –  loving but limited.

But if we can we live both open-hearted and fully present in the world, woah.

We might get muddy, and our hearts might break. But a muddy, heart broken-open life is likely to be a worthy life.

Let’s get in the room.

Let’s make our engagement prayer.


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