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Sunday Best – April 9, 2023

How fortunate I am to be part of the Bioneers community, a group that is unafraid to grieve, unafraid to celebrate, unafraid to dream, unafraid to work towards what might be possible.  What’s possible is not static. What’s possible is ever changing. Some pathways grow thorny, while others suddenly clear.   Dear ones, it’s time […]

Sunday Best – October 20, 2019

engagement is prayer. boom.    – Terry Tempest Williams, at Bioneers 2019   As a mother, you might sit and let things get noisy in the other room. But when you hear something break, you get up and go in.  It’s time to get in the room. – Heather McTeer Toney, at Bioneers 2019   […]

Sunday Best – October 22, 2017

Every pirate becomes an admiral.       – Cory Doctorow   This weekend I’ve been at the extraordinary Bioneers gathering, where Cory Doctorow spoke about digital rights management – and so much more. One of Doctorow’s themes is that the rebels of one era tend to become the bureaucrats of the next era.  For […]

Sunday Best – April 10, 2016

  Despite our fears of falling, the gifts of the world stand by to catch us.    – Robin Kimmerer   I’ve been starting each morning lately with a few pages from the poetic book, Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Kimmerer.  Robin is a professor of environmental biology and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, and […]

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