Sunday Best – September 29, 2019


I’m at the amazing Omega Institute this weekend, at the amazing Women and Power gathering, where the amazing Elizabeth Lesser helped to open the conversation. She called upon the stories of Eve and Cassandra, and upon the wisdom of Toni Morrison, who advised,

as you enter positions of trust and power,

Dream a little before you think.


Dear friends, we all hold positions of trust and power – as family members, as citizens, as workers, as friends, as humans. And we all have so much to DO – the errands and projects, the bills and meetings, the mundane chores and the noble strategic plans.


Right now.

Just for a moment.

Recall, why do you hold this position of trust and power in the first place?

Trust and power, these are precious things – especially where they coexist.

Don’t tell me what you will do.

Don’t even tell me how you will help.

Tell me,

what is your dream?




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