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Sunday Best – September 29, 2019

  I’m at the amazing Omega Institute this weekend, at the amazing Women and Power gathering, where the amazing Elizabeth Lesser helped to open the conversation. She called upon the stories of Eve and Cassandra, and upon the wisdom of Toni Morrison, who advised, as you enter positions of trust and power, Dream a little […]

Sunday Best – June 2, 2019

On PEMA AND PEONIES. A few weeks ago I attended a teaching with Pema Chödrön at the wonderful Omega Institute. She was talking about the first of the six paramitas, generosity, and how it relates to openness, to lightness. Ani Pema described how we are like a fist that’s closed tight, one that needs to […]

October 15, 2017

would you like my box of chaos?   Another highlight from the terrific Omega Institute gathering last week, where Sharon Salzberg led our morning meditations. She noted the pressure that some of us feel to elevate everything to “gift level” – divorce as a gift, illness as a gift, loss as a gift.  This is a […]

Sunday Best – October 8, 2017

Who Brushes Your Hair? I’m at the Omega Institute this weekend with my dearest college sisters, and we were blessed to hear Loung Ung speak on Friday evening. Towards the end of her conversation with Elizabeth Lesser, Loung spoke about being reunited with her sister after many years apart. “Who brushes your hair?” her sister […]

Sunday Best – September 3, 2017

I am the alpha and the omega.     – Book of Revelation 1:8 Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.     – Seneca (attr.) – or Semisonic, depending who you ask   After finishing divinity school, I walked the Camino route of St. James across northern Spain – 500 long miles. […]

Sunday Best – May 28, 2017

I’m honored to serve on the board of Omega Institute, one of the “thin places” in our midst, a place that helps to connect both inward and outward, whether you are there in body, in spirit, or in wifi. Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega, author of Marrow, and TED speaker, shared the poem below at our […]

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