Sunday Best – October 14, 2018

I have a big birthday coming up, which naturally leads to all kinds of reflection. It’s great to think of the long arc of endeavor in life, of all that’s been tried and some that’s been accomplished.

But it’s even more wonderful to consider the long arc of luck.

This passage by John O’Donohue steered me away from counting milestones and towards counting blessings.”Things our effort could never earn.”

Dear Honeybees, what is gloriously un-earned in our lives? A fiery autumn maple tree, a laughing child, a beautiful concerto, a steadfast friend?

Whatever these lucky blessings may be, let’s try to free our hearts. Awaken to the wonder of our lives.

Now is the time to free the heart,

Let all intentions and worries stop,

Free the joy inside the self,

Awaken to the wonder of your life.


Open your eyes and see the friends

Whose hearts recognize your face as kin,

Those whose kindness watchful and near,

Encourages you to live everything here.


See the gifts the years have given,

Things your effort could never earn,

The health to enjoy who you want to be

And the mind to mirror mystery.


    – John O’Donohue


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