Sunday Best – August 13, 2017

Colors are light’s suffering and joy.

   – Goethe


Is there anything in your life that surprises you and fills you with glee, even after the hundredth time? Maybe a wink from a loved one, maybe a line in a favorite poem, maybe the flash of a bluebird in a field?

Last week I moved out of my longtime home, and to my own surprise I realized that the thing I will miss the most, the thing that consistently filled me with gleeful surprise, was a happy accident.

Years ago, I chose some sparkly cabinet knobs during a kitchen renovation – just one option amongst many pretty possibilities. Imagine my surprise a few weeks later, when a swath of rainbows suddenly spread across whole kitchen, like a swarm of crazy butterflies. It turns out the knobs were perfectly positioned to catch the afternoon light, turning into prisms that scattered rainbows far and wide.

The sheer good luck that brought those rainbows to my kitchen made me smile every time I saw them – good day or bad, winter or summer, worn-out or wide-awake.

Dear Honeybees, may the hidden prisms all around you catch the light today.

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