Sunday Best – September 4, 2016


Courage (‘ker-ij)

n. The ability to do what frightens one.  Origin:  Middle English (denoting the heart, seat of feelings): from Old French corage, from Latin cor (heart).

Anyone who’s ever published – a book, a professional report, a blog post, even a Facebook update – has had to pause at some point to consider her own courage.  What do I really want to say? Do I dare say it?  What if they…. (laugh, criticize, ignore, reject – feel free to fill in your own personal worst-case-scenario here).

Think about it – all that’s ever published, especially the good stuff, has first made it past this test of courage.

This week, the amazing Shalon Ironroad (she who runs all Honeybee operations) has published The Tale of Little Tree, a fable about, well, a little tree – and of course, much more.  It is sweet and strong and inspiring. You can read it with your kids and they will love it. And you will also secretly tuck a copy away for the days when your own branches need a little bit of stretching.  It is full of courage, “strength of the heart.” Just like its author.

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