Sunday Best – July 3, 2106



7.  2.  8.

Masha Gordon just set a record for the Explorer’s Grand Slam Challenge – 7 summits, 2 poles, in under 8 months (7 months, 19 days, to be exact). The most incredible part?  This isn’t even Masha’s day job.  In fact, she failed PE as a child and only started mountaineering while on maternity leave in her 30’s.

Just to be clear, this amazing woman summitted the highest peak on each continent and skied to both poles, all in less than 8 months.  And she did not skimp – for example, her route to the peak of Denali was a challenging technical path, much tougher than the standard route.

Did I mention she’s also one of the best investors in the world, mother of two, and steadfast friend?  I am in awe.

As we celebrate Independence Day in the US, it’s stories like Masha’s that help me to reflect on the links between personal and social independence. Freedom via grit, determination, and training – always at the mercy of the weather, and sometimes, against all odds.

Read more about Masha’s adventures – and about the new charity she’s formed to inspire and train inner city girls – on the Grit & Rock site.

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