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Sunday Best – July 4, 2021

Like most subjects, the founding of the United States is so much more interesting and complicated than the version we learned in grade school.  And for those of us who did attend grade school in the United States, this early passage from the Declaration of Independence is still rolling around in our memory banks: We […]

Sunday Best – January 24, 2020

My parents like to tell how three of my earliest words as a child were, do it myself!  This is a sweet reflection on my deep-rooted stubborn character, which has been my greatest strength and my greatest limitation throughout life, as many deep-rooted traits can be. This independent streak has been accepted and applauded through […]

Sunday Best – June 28, 2020

In this time of isolation, time has stood still and flown by, all at once. Somehow we are already coming up on the 4th of July holiday in the United States, which called me to review the excellent catalog of Jacob Lawrence from the Peabody Essex Museum. A footnote to one of his American Struggle […]

Sunday Best – June 18, 2017

Island or Archipelago? I was lucky to attend the terrific On Cue gathering in Boston this week, where poet Regie Gibson put forth the image of an archipelago — islands that appear to be separate, but that are really all connected, just below the surface. It’s not a brand-new notion, but it is a powerful […]

Sunday Best – July 3, 2106

  7.  2.  8. Masha Gordon just set a record for the Explorer’s Grand Slam Challenge – 7 summits, 2 poles, in under 8 months (7 months, 19 days, to be exact). The most incredible part?  This isn’t even Masha’s day job.  In fact, she failed PE as a child and only started mountaineering while on […]

Happy Inter-dependence Day!

One of my favorite holidays of the year is Independence Day, July 4.  What could be better – a holiday where there is no agenda other than to honor history, cook something on a grill, and watch fireworks?

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