Library Stack #3 – Gratitude


Hello Honeybees, and welcome to our library!

We’ve recently reorganized our online library in a way that allows for both more logical navigation and more serendipity. In short, we’ve established four major quadrants of wisdom (Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment) and we are arranging thematic pods of content within these big categories. (For a more complete explanation of the library project, please see this post).

This week we’re pleased to highlight the “Gratitude” pod from our Spirit quadrant. What better place to start? Luminaries from Aesop to Alice Walker to the Beastie Boys have noted the central importance of gratitude. You might think there’s not much to it, but the resources in this section illuminate the nuance of this vital concept – and, more importantly, its practice – in a way that has enhanced my understanding and my life.

Stay tuned for next week’s feature from our Nourishment quadrant. We wish you a week of happy learning and exploring.

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