Prosperity, and Sisterhood, and Honeybees

Prosperity and Sisterhood and Honeybees

This is a story of prosperity, and sisterhood, and honeybees.

Two years ago, I connected with Prosperity Catalyst and visionary leader Siiri Morley (member of the Fast Company League of Extraordinary Women) through the Pipeline Fellowship, a group that trains women angel investors.

Then earlier this month, I was fortunate to attend an inspiring gathering hosted by Catalytic Women in San Francisco, featuring Prosperity Catalyst and the equally inspiring Global Press Institute.

My friends in finance led me to Pipeline, and my friends at Pipeline led me to Propserity Catalyst, and my friends at Catalytic Women extended those links to the Global Press Institute – and I can’t wait to see what the next link might be.  It occurs to me that these links represent the heart of prosperity, and sisterhood – interconnected pieces that eventually produce a whole that is much more than the parts.

Inspired by these links, I’ve written a guest post for Prosperity Catalyst this week, describing why I support their wonderful work – please see the full details on the Prosperity Catalyst site.

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